Y Strainers Save System Downtime

Y strainers (sometimes referred to as wye strainers) can save system downtime by ensuring that sediment, precipitate, and other solids do not negatively impact important components downstream, causing costly shutdowns and repairs of key components. Y strainers are manufactured for many different applications in liquid, gas, and steam lines. Y strainers suppliers can assist factory engineers in selecting the right y strainer for the job.

What is a Y Strainer?

A Y strainer is an element with a sieve that captures excess solids and prevents them from continuing down the line. They have either a wire mesh or a perforated straining element. Depending on the use, some y strainers include a blowdown valve. Y strainers suppliers can assist you in selecting the right Y strainer for your job, depending on if it is being used in pressurized lines, steam lines, liquid lines, or gas lines.

Protecting Downstream Components

Y strainers suppliers know the importance of protecting downstream components. Any liquid, gas or steam line is susceptible to foreign particles within the line. If debris makes its way down the line and causes damage to process equipment, it could result in costly repairs. Shut-down time can be extensive and grind production to a halt. Expensive and time-consuming repair or replacement of valves, regulators, meters, and pumps can be saved by the installation of a simple Y strainer.

Selecting the correct Y strainer for your production needs is important. There is no point in installing an inferior or incorrect y strainer and then still suffering the consequences of debris in the line. Y strainers suppliers will be able to recommend the correct y strainers for your particular production needs.

Blow Down Valves

In order to reduce system downtime even further, choose a y strainer with a blow down valve. Blow down valves allow you to clean debris out of the strainer without shutting down production for any period of time. Systems with high amounts of particles in the line will need more frequent cleanings. This is common in new builds as debris is often generated while constructing the system. Lines that require more frequent cleanings should use a Y strainer with a blowdown valve. Talk to your Y strainers suppliers to find out if they recommend a blowdown valve for your set up.

A Y strainer without a blowdown valve requires the system to be shut down to clean the strainer. It is not difficult to clean the Y strainer without a blowdown valve, but it does require the system to be shut down. Y strainers that include a blow down valve allow the system to continue to run while the strainer is cleared of collected debris. Blowdown valves on y strainers can be either manual or automatic. Y strainers suppliers have access to many different types of y strainers, with or without blowdown valves.

It is important to use the correct Y strainer for your system in order to avoid costly and time-consuming system downtime. Always talk to your Y strainers suppliers to find out your options. Assess your system for the amount of debris expected before deciding if a blowdown valve is a valuable option. Y strainers are simple components that efficiently protect your line from debris. Contact us to know more details.