Suction Diffuser

Many different industries use suction diffusers. For example, the process industry, metals, and mining, power industry, water and waste, chemical industry, pulp and paper, oil and gas industries all use suction diffusers.

Also, suction diffusers are installed on the inlet of a pump to help a smooth inlet flow. Additionally, they remove objects from damaging the pump. Moreover, suction diffusers provide ideal flow conditions for the pump. Thus suction diffusers reduce the amount of pipe used to achieve a steady flow.

Pump Suction Diffuser

Additionally, pump suction diffusers shall be attached to the side of the pump and made to code. In addition, the pump suction diffuser has a strainer. Therefore, it can stop unwanted material from entering the pump. Furthermore, pump suction diffusers give the right state of flow conditions to the pipe.

Also, extra features for a suction diffuser include a throwaway stainless steel start-up screen. The piping system uses this screen for the capture and removal of unwanted items. Also, we supply movable support for mounting.

Industrial strainers and suction diffusers are similar. Suction diffusers are a type of strainer. Additionally, the pump suction diffuser is attached to the pumping equipment inlets in smaller areas that are harder to access. Moreover, saving space and lowering costs. In addition, they eliminate the need for an equivalent length of up to ten pipe diameters of straight run on the suction side of the pump.

Industrial Suction Diffuser

The Strainer Suction Diffuser mounts directly to the suction side of the pump in either a horizontal or vertical position. Also, we can offer manufactured per ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, and ASME Section VIII, Div. I and are available with a raised face, flat face, or buttwelded connections.

Both suction diffusers and strainers can remove particles and debris from the flow. In addition, they both can have screens that reduce the risk of damage to equipment such as pumps and compressors.

Different strainers are fabricated duplex strainers, y strainers, temporary strainers, t strainers, and basket strainers. When you don’t use a suction diffuser for a pump, sometimes you will use a bellow pump connector or braided flexible metal connector.

A commercial suction diffuser and an industrial suction diffuser can be made as casting or custom fabricated.

What is the purpose of a Suction Diffuser?

Suction diffusers are a combination elbow, reducer, and strainer. Therefore, this combination reduces labor and costs. By looking at it, you can see that it is an elbow and a reducer. The suction side should match the pump size. Moreover, the inlet side can be the same or larger size.

Furthermore, the suction diffuser distributes the water into the pump. Therefore, a flow straightening device provides the most flow efficiency at the pump’s suction inlet.

Fabricated Suction Diffuser

Firstly, fabricated suction diffusers can take pressures up to 740 PSIG. And temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, we supply standard and custom designs. As well as make our fabricated suction diffuser with any inlet size connection. Additionally, we provide one, three, or five diameters of flow straightening.

Also, our industrial suction diffusers come with pads for mounting and a drain connection with a plug. Data packages and MTR are available. We can supply any material needed for an industrial suction diffuser or a commercial suction diffuser. Mainly used is carbon steel or stainless steel. Feel free to contact us with any questions.