Stainless Steel Strainers

Dannenbaum LLC supplies a variety stainless steel strainers for industrial use. For example we supply basket strainers, y strainers, wye strainers, t strainers, tee strainers, temporary strainers, automatic self cleaning strainers, and duplex strainers. Strainers for industrial use has many advantages. Firstly, is strength they are made to last. Secondly stainless steel strainers for industrial use have low friction. Furthermore, stainless can be polished so it presents very low surface roughness. Thus, helps prevent material from building up and creating a home for microbes and slowing flow. Also stainless steel strainers industrial are easy to clean. Therefore, protecting against bacteria. Next stainless steel is less corrosive which makes them last longer.

Stainless Steel Industrial Strainers

Stainless steel industrial strainers are used commonly in the industry. For example, they are used in power plants, refineries, petrochemical, chemical, marine, and etc… Therefore, our strainers are made to last. We can supply a strainer in almost any material and any size. Stainless steel is becoming more affordable. Dannenbaum LLC can help you with any questions.

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