Skids Dannenbaum LLC

Skids Dannenbaum LLC supplies skids. We have a long line of skids. Our skid shop is the integrated process systems design and production of skids. The Skid Shop combines knowledge and delivery of superior product with state of the art production facilities and a world-class team of highly trained professionals. CAD operators, fabricators, machinists, and design engineers specialize in creating customizable solutions for a wide range of process systems across many industries. We can provide you with a complete engineered packaged system, and help with design of a stand-alone or system within a system designed to meet your needs.

A skid system is simply a process implement, operational device or system which will help save time and money, and can increase flexibility by assembling a group of modular pieces together as a single unit.  When the unit arrives at the processing facility they will be ready to plug in the power and utilities. Little on site construction required. Thus, there will be little production downtime and unforeseen start-up delays can be discovered and corrected before the equipment ever leaves the manufacturing facility. Skids can have pig launchers, expansion joints, pipe valves and fittings, and any type of item needed.


Fuel Forwarding Skid Systems
Fuel forwarding systems are designed primarily for the power industry. These skids transfer of diesel fuel # 2 from storage to the burners. Skid includes fuel pumps, piping, valves and all accessories.

Chemical Feed Skid Systems
Brownlee Morrow can custom design the most complicated Chemical Feed skid systems. These systems include all the accessory equipment required to supply and specific amount of product to meet the customer’s needs. Whether a small metering system, or a lager injection skid system, Brownlee Morrow has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Flue Gas Skid Desulphurization Skid Systems
Brownlee Morrows Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) will design complete skids to assist in the capture of gypsum sulfur and degrease water.
Custody Transfer Skid Systems

Potable and Non-Potable Water Skids
The Clay-Greene division manufactures a complete packaged pumping station of proven designs. They will design a manufacturer skid systems including vertical pumps, control panels, flow measurement equipment, and all other skid components. This insures .a simple, worry-free installation and a complete package at a known cost.
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