Formed Rubber Bellows

Formed rubber bellows are often used in industrial applications. Rubber bellows takes engineering and experience. We’re skilled in designing molds for any shape and size rubber bellows to cover all ranges and directions of motion. We have supplied major oil companies and EPC’s with formed rubber bellows. For example, we’ve have sold to Exxon, Chevron, Shell, Worley, Technip, Kiewit, Fluor and etc…

Depending on the manufacturing process, molded bellows may have an extended resting position (convolutions are extended in resting position). Think of a convoluted drainage pipe for example. See more about rubber expansion joints.

Formed rubber joints can extend and contract.

We can supply formed bellows in almost any material and size. We have the largest inventory of rubber expansion joints. Therefore, we are competitive in price.

We also supply molded spherical rubber expansion joints are designed to be used in piping systems. These molded, single sphere designed bellows are inherently stronger than conventional hand-built style spool arch types. The spherical design’s “flowing arch” reduces turbulence as well as sediment build-up.

Formed rubber bellows are made from a spindle. Material is wrapped around the spindle.

Bellows can be made by sealing or stitching alternating inner and outer rings of material. Also they can be made by forming or molding.

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