About Flexider

Flexider was recently acquired. If you have any question or inquiries please contact Dannenbaum LLC.

Flexider , was part of the IMCI group. Also they were producing a wide variety of innovative products for the global market for over 90 years. Therefore, it was an industry leader.

Moreover, A key focus of the group has always been on continual progression and enhancing this position. Thus was shown by the recently established Flexider Industrial.

Flexider Industrial was a metal and fabric expansion joint manufacturer that services the needs of several industries, including Refining, Petrochemical, Power Generation & Chemical Processing Facilities. Our employees had an average of over 20 years working with Expansion Joints and Bellows systems. Therefore, you could have relied on them to get the job done right the first time.

The backbone of our company was our employees. Their solid fabrication experience, attention to detail, and ingenuity used to drive our growth and intensifies our customer commitment.

What We Do

Flexider Industrial is a fabric and metal expansion joint manufacturer that services the needs of several industries, including refining, petrochemical, power generation and chemical processing facilities.

Our capabilities range from small 2” diameter expansion joints up to 240 inch. Materials of manufacture include stainless steels, Nickel alloys, Aluminum, and Titanium.

Our Engineering team uses the latest in 3D modeling, Design and Analysis software to create the perfect solution for all of your expansion joint needs. When required, we utilize DFMEA (Design Failure Mode Analysis) & PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis) throughout all stages of design, ensuring your product conforms to the highest possible standards.


Flexider is proud to offer quality flexible solutions for industrial applications. Each product line is designed to meet a wide range of temperature, movement and chemical requirements to provide a reliable, long lasting solution to your engineering needs. All of our products are designed to meet your project’s workload conditions and engineering requirements. The Flexider family of products shown below has an engineered solution designed to exceed expectations.

 Flexider Fabric Expansion Joints

Flexider Industrial designs and manufactures fabric expansion joints utilizing state of the art engineering and manufacturing.  The metal frames come in a variety of styles. For example, integral telescoping liners, welded and bolt-in frames, and can be designed to withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. They are complete structures, combining specialized materials to provide technical solutions for numerous industrial applications.

Flexider Round Metal Expansion Joints

Round Expansion Joints are designed to absorb axial, lateral and angular motion in any combination as a result of thermal or mechanical movements. And can be custom designed for varying purposes and workload conditions. Furthermore, metal bellows can be incorporated into a number of design configurations. Such as Pantographs, hinges, cross-over systems, two-ply testable bellow elements, pressure balanced elbows, etc. Accessories such as tie rods, covers, insulation and liners can be added to the design to accommodate a variety of requirements.

Flexider Rectangular Metal Expansion Joints

Flexider Rectangular Expansion Joints were useful in conditions. For example, that require high temperature, long life, and low to medium pressure working conditions. However, they were designed to mate easily with rectangular mechanical equipment and ducting to eliminate the need for large square to round transitional sections. Corner conditions can be fabricated in round, single miter, double miter and folded corner designs.

Flexider Transfer Lines & Integrated Systems

Flexider USA can design and fabricate expansion joints that are shop-integrated into ducting and piping systems. This can eliminate dangerous, time consuming and costly field welds by allowing a section to be bolted or welded into the field at the engineered connection points, instead of at the bellows. Mitered elbows, piping systems, round and rectangular ducting can all be fabricated and shipped to the site ready for installation.