Project Description

Fabric Expansion Joint

Fabric expansion joints are used to add flexibility to industrial ducting systems and fan/blower connections to absorb thermal growth. They also isolate vibration and noise, and allow for misalignment’s. Fabric joints are needed in a wide array of industries, including power, petrochemical, pulp & paper, along with countless other industrial facilities. A variety of styles and materials are available to meet the specific requirements of any given application.  Contact Us for a quote or more information.

Fabric expansion joints are very flexible. They are made from fabrics. They protect against abrasion. Also they are good for a piping system that moves in multiple directions. Fabric joints can be custom made and are easy to transport and install. These are usually used when there is low pressure and dry media.


Standard profiles include U-type, flat belt type, square, rectangular, and round.

Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance.

Baffles protect the inner surface from particulates in the gas stream.

Retaining rings made from carbon or stainless steel.


Stress relief for piping and ducting systems.

Absorbs thermal growth and shock.

Isolates mechanical vibration.

Simple retrofit into existing ducting system.

Cost-effective solution to compensate for movement in ducting systems.