When it comes to industrial duct systems, one of the worst things that can happen is thermal growth. To explain, industrial duct systems that carry hot gases or air through them for extended periods of time can eventually begin to expand and warp. This is called thermal expansion, and it can be a serious problem if it’s not dealt with properly. It can lead to significantly increased wear-and-tear on your industrial duct system, or worse, and it can even cause serious damage, requiring you to repair or replace the ducts entirely. If you want to avoid all of the problems that can come from thermal growth, then we strongly suggest you install fabric expansion joints in all of your industrial duct systems. We guarantee you will not regret it!

What Are Fabric Expansion Joints?

In order to connect multiple pieces of industrial ducting to each other, we use expansion joints. The problem with expansion joints, though, is that if they are too rigid and stiff, with very little flexibility, they may begin to break when thermal expansion occurs, and the ducts begin to move around.

With the help of fabric expansion joints, you can easily avoid this problem. Using a loose fabric connection rather than a rigid metal one, fabric expansion joints are flexible enough to easily absorb any movement caused by thermal expansion in the ducts. As a result, your ducts will be able to expand and warp without this, leading to any serious damage to the duct system as a whole.

If that’s not enough to convince you, fabric expansion joints can also help reduce the noise created by the duct system. By absorbing and isolating the vibrations and movement of the ducts, fabric expansion joints can actually help to make your ducts quieter and less distracting overall.

What are the Features of Fabric Expansion Joints?

Coming in a variety of shape profiles (including U-type, flat belt type, square, rectangular, and round), and featuring a variety of extensive customization options in regard to materials and features, fabric expansion joints can be easily installed into any industrial duct system, regardless of its shape and size!

Not only are they easily installable, but they are also affordable and easy to transport and store. This makes fabric expansion joints a smart and cost-effective way to deal with a serious problem.

In Conclusion

Regardless of the industry you work in, and whether it be ventilation, petroleum, power, or any number of others, fabric expansion joints are the answer to your problems when it comes to thermal growth. After making the switch from metal expansion joints to fabric expansion joints, we know you will never look back!

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