Expansion Compensator

In this paragraph, I will discuss quality with you. First of all, PermaPax expansion joints are high-quality products with standard performance, and the sealing system consists of carbon fiber yarn impregnated with graphite. In particular, these sealing materials remain flexible throughout their service life. Furthermore, the materials provide you with the additional benefit of lubricating the moving tube.


  • Sizes 3/4″ through 4.”
  • Threaded, welded, flanged, and grooved steel pipe joints.
  • Male and female copper sweat ends.
  • Design pressure: 200 PSIG—see Copper Tube.
  • Axial travel: 2″ and 3.”
  • Fully enclosed and externally pressurized, multiply stainless steel bellows.
  • Internal guides maintain alignment.


Expansion Compensators can help installations where the principal movement is axial. Also, standard joints are designed for 2″ or 3″ axial compression (pipe expansion) and 0.5″ extension. The factory’s expansion compensator can be preset if the primary movement is an extension (pipe contraction). The piping system must include anchors to react to the force produced by pressure thrust and the bellows.

Installation Instructions Save

In this section are installation instructions. Firstly, Expansion Compensators are available for 2″ and 3″ axial travel. Secondly, check the specification for the allowable travel of the product. But be sure that the system and test conditions do not exceed these values.

Guides, support anchors, and Expansion Compensators help applications where the principal movement is axial to the centerline of the compensator, and the system includes pipe guides, supports, and anchors. Finally, the flow can be in either direction. But not exceed 1000°F during installation.