Firetuf Electric Cable

Manufactured Cable

Dannenbaum LLC can supply you with top-of-the-line quality electric cables. With over 3000 product lines and excellent service, you can be sure to receive the wires that you need when you need them, wherever in the world you may need them. Offers a cut to length service on most cable product lines. In addition, they can be packed for export and shipped with any of the necessary documentation required for delivery worldwide.

If you need special cables manufactured or a standard cable modified to meet your needs, we can help with these. Many stock items can have other jackets added to change colors or add water or oil resistance. Metal armors can be applied to make cables suitable for direct burial or resistant to rodent or termite attacks.

It has been ISO 9001 accredited since 2002, a critical accreditation that ensures a quality product. They are also ISO 14001 accredited, which demonstrates a dedication to reducing environmental impact year after year.

The product line includes Power, Marine, Instrumentation, Signal & Control, Audio Visual, Data, Fire & Security, Coaxial, High Temperature, and Special Manufacture.

Prysmian Draka manufactures FireTuf fiber optic cables. He offered OM1, OM3, and OM4 multimode and OS2 single mode, in 4, 8, 12, or 24 core fiber configurations. All feature a central loose tube construction and internal/external LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) sheath that also provides UV stability.


A vital feature of the Draka Firetuf OM3 & OM4 fiber cables is the bend-insensitive MaxCap BendBright™ technology. This allows for microlending to tight bends or placing the cable under pressure without compromising performance levels.
Fiber optic cabling is an ideal solution to future-proof an installation. They provide very high-speed data transmission over greater bandwidths compared to traditional copper cabling and can carry the signal over much longer distances without signal loss.
This FireTuf fiber range is fully compliant with fire-resistant standards IEC 60331-25 and flame retardant standards IEC 60332-2-3-24C, guaranteeing the cables circuit integrity and performance in the event of a fire.
Typical applications include fire alarm systems, VA (Voice Alarm) systems (Also known as voice evacuation), and in public buildings, tunnels, metro lines where the cable will need to continue operating in the event of a fire.
Image representative of product style, product supplied may vary.

Specialist Cable

Buying cable is easy, but when you have special requirements getting a suitable line can be difficult. That’s when you need the Cable Engineering team who can understand your needs and solve your problems.

Sometimes it’s a case of identifying the best production facility to make the cable specification. On the other hand, we may need to start with a blank page for different situations and create your ideal cable. In either case, we can help.