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Basket Strainers

To begin, basket strainers protect equipment by removing solids from liquids in piping systems with the use of a perforated or wire mesh straining screen in a vertically oriented chamber. Therefore, strainers are important components of piping systems to protect equipment from particles that may be carried by the process fluid. And basket strainers have more debris holding capacity than Y strainers. Then they usually have less of a pressure drop, which is why they are ideal in liquid applications. Additionally strainers are usually supplied in iron, carbon steel, bronze, or stainless steel. And iron is used the most because it costs the least and has good corrosion resistance in water.


Firstly carbon steel is used in basket strainers where higher temperatures, or concern with thermal or mechanical shock is an issue, which makes them popular in the oil and petrochemical industries. As well as bronze handles thermal and mechanical shock better than iron and is better in some corrosive applications. And stainless steel is needed in basket strainers where corrosion could be an issue. And is widely used in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. In addition during system start-up and flushing, strainers may be placed upstream of pumps to protect them from debris that might have been left in the pipe.


Industrial Basket Strainers are inline baskets that are used to collect mater or sludge from continuing through a pipeline. Valves can be attached to the bottom to exit and clean the basket.


Process Industry
Metals and Mining
Power Industry
Water & Waste Water
Chemical Industry
Pulp and Paper
Oil and Gas
Fabricated Construction
Filtration down to 40 microns
Large strainer baskets
Both compact and high capacity units are available

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Other materials upon request

Flat Faced
Raised Faced
Threaded (NTP)
Socket weld
  • ASME Class 150
  • 300
  • 600
  • 900
  • 1500

Fabricated – custom sized to meet requirement