Automatic Industrial Strainers

Firstly, automatic industrial strainers are mentioned as self-cleaning strainers or backwashing strainers. Thus they are designed for applications that need continuous operation. Secondly, a primary reason to use automatic strainers is for top solids loading that might otherwise require frequent basket cleaning. Therefore, higher flow applications require larger baskets, which may be heavy and a burden to get rid of and clean. Moreover, automatic strainers eliminate the manual process of monitoring and cleaning baskets. Automatic strainers are ideally fitted for hazardous, explosive, or remote locations. Dannenbaum LLC can have a be a build-to-order factory so it’s easy for us to supply semi custom solutions using our standard industrial strainers, filters, and valves because the base platform. When a semi custom solution won’t solve the matter , our skilled team of engineers is prepared to style a custom solution for your toughest industrial fluid-control challenge.

Self-Cleaning Strainers

Self-cleaning automatic strainers also known as automatic strainers or backwashing strainers may be a sort of filter which utilizes system pressure to wash itself. Furthermore, Dannenbaum LLC type of self-cleaning strainers will remove unwanted particles from a water source within the 5-4,000 micron range and at flow rates starting from 10gpm up to several thousands of gpm in large applications. However, self-cleaning strainers save users money on water, energy, maintenance and equipment replacement.

Automatic strainers are often mentioned as automatic self-cleaning strainers because unlike many systems, the technology requires no routine maintenance. For instance, an automatic strainer, won’t require constant change outs and system shutdowns sort of a bag or cartridge filter. Click here to match self-cleaning strainers to other filter technologies including sand filters and separators. during a self-cleaning strainer, basic bi-annual or annual inspection (depending on particle load) replaces the necessity for daily, weekly or monthly shutdowns.

Dannenbaum LLC supplies self-cleaning automatic strainers are wont to protect pipes and a good range of downstream equipment. Without adequate filtration, pipes acquire scale buildup causing a rise within the energy required to pump system water.

As pipe orifices become smaller, more energy is required to pump an equivalent volume of water. Pumping dirty water through a piping system can cause poor pump performance. For example, you can get excessive scale buildup, contaminant settling, and clogged/fouled equipment.

A unique characteristic of self-cleaning automatic strainers is that the backwash cycle doesn’t require the whole system flow to prevent and reverse, as is that the case for several other sorts of filters. Instead, a point-of-suction backwash reverses flow across the screen only directly ahead of suction nozzles. this enables the cleaning mechanism to scan and clean the screen incrementally without disrupting the most flow through the filter.