Project Description

Automatic Self Cleaning Strainer

Automatic Self Cleaning Strainers employ a single, electric motor-driven rotating screen and a rigid scraper bar to remove solids from the surface area of the screens when rotated. A solids collecting sump is also provided.  Cleaning of the type is initiated when the motor and flush valve operator are actuated. Controls to accomplish these electrical functions can be provided. WE are NSF International certified.

Automatic Self Cleaning Strainers cleaning cycle must be performed while the strainer is under positive pressure. The automatic strainers can be provided in single and duplex configurations. Strainers are available in iron, steel, stainless, super duplex, and bronze.

Automatic Self Cleaning Strainers are manufactured to ISO-9001 and meet all codes: ASME, CE/PED, Lloyds Register, Navy Mil Specs, and others for industrial and marine environments. Manufactured in sizes ranging from 1.5 inches to 20 inches in 5 available body styles to match application specific requirements.

NSF International

Sanitary requirements my require a NSF certification. NSF International (formerly known as the National Sanitation Foundation) is an independent, non-profit organization that certifies food service equipment and ensures it is designed and constructed in a way that promotes food safety. NSF International is internationally recognized, and most food service equipment is NSF certified.

Reach out to us to and learn more about automation and other certification such as ABS, ASME, CE, UL, and ISO-9001 to name just a few. An automatic self cleaning strainer is a type of industrial strainer.