In the world of pipefitting and plumbing, there are a number of different ways to connect pipes. Many companies have increasingly turned to rubber expansion joints for their projects, however, and the reasons are simple. Here are just a few reasons why more and more often companies are choosing rubber joints over other kinds of connections for projects of any size.

Increased Burst Strength

The major advantage of rubber expansion joints, and the reason many companies choose them is increased burst strength. Unlike regular joints that are made with touch, immovable material, rubber joints have the ability to adjust slightly to different situations. This means they are much more likely to withstand higher pressure situations, leading to a reduced chance of bursting in the event of temperature changes or an increase in flow.

Easy Installation

Rather than dealing with loose flanges, gaskets, or packing, you can instead install rubber expansion joints. Because of their composition and the fact that the rubber makes them more universal in their sizing, these kinds of joints are actually incredibly easy to install and also easy to remove if required.

Absorb Noise, Vibration, and Shock

This is essential for both small-scale projects that are close to the public and large-scale operations where noise can become a safety issue. Because rubber expansion joints are made to absorb vibration and adapt to changing environments, these types of joints can actually reduce noise as well. The result is a joint that can make pipes and pipelines quieter and more stable, all by simply changing the joints.

Reduced Deformation in Pressure

High-pressure piping can be subject to intense deformation when left with solid joints made from metal. The reasoning is simple: since metal cannot move or expand to accommodate big changes in pressure, it will simply crack, break, or bend when presented with big changes. Rubber expansion joints, by contrast, can adapt to the pressure, leading to reduced instances of warping or deformation.

A Great Choice for Most Situations

While some joints are better suited for different situations, especially when it comes to suction or discharge, rubber expansion joints are actually equally effective in both of these situations. So no matter how things are moving, these types of joints can help.

Every day, more and more companies are using rubber expansion joints for their pipefitting projects. Not only do high-quality versions of these joints offer better, more versatile fits for pipes of all shapes and sizes, but they also are easy to maintain and can adapt to numerous situations. If you are in need of joint fittings that won’t simply fall apart in volatile environments, then you may benefit from rubber expansion joints by Dannenbaum LLC.

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