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Dannenbaum LLC

For over 30 years our team at Dannenbaum LLC has taken pride in providing equipment for the oil and gas industry. We are positioned with an experienced and professional sales team that are have proven great results. Dannenbaum LLC evolved from M.N. Dannenbaum. This company was one of the oldest manufactures representative companies in the United States of America, starting in the 1920’s. After many years as a sales representative for M.N. Dannenbaum A.D. Muller purchased the company in 1984. His knowledge and technical skills, with years of experience made Dannenbaum LLC a great company for helping with designing and purchasing of equipment. We have built lasting and trusting relationships with the people of the EPC’s and the oil & gas companies.

Currently, our team represents manufacturers of equipment designed for the oil and gas industry, refineries, chemical factories, LNG plants and waste water treatments plants. We take pride working with clients and factory engineers to ensures design accuracy, quality, testing, and necessary certification of product from order to delivery. If you are looking for help with a product or representation please fell free to Contact Us.

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Farhan Ahmed, XYZ
Farhan Ahmed, XYZ
Farhan Ahmed, XYZ