Offset® Ball Joints

Provide a cost effective means of accommodating pipe movement in systems where thermal expansion, shock, seismic and torsional forces are present. Off-Set® Ball Joints reduce pipe and connection stresses without the space and weight of typical pipe loops or the high costs of laminated flexible jumpers.

Metal Hose Connectors

Braided metal connectors used to compensate for small installation misalignment and to absorb motion and vibration from mechanical equipment.

Metal Expansion Joints

Will accommodate lateral, axial and angular piping movements caused by thermal, pressure or mechanical expansion.

Pump Connectors

For vibration and limited axial, lateral and angular movements resulting from operation of pumps and mechanical equipment.

Strut Joints and Vibration Dampeners

To support structures and piping, restrain undesirable structural movements, absorb and dampen dynamic vibration and shock on piping and equipment from outside the pipeline.

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Hyspan Precision Products

Hyspan Joints

Hyspan is authorized to use the "U" and "R" code stamp in accordance with ASME Section VIII. Other applicable codes and standards include MIL-E-17813, MIL-E-17814, USCF CG115, EJMA, ANSI B31.1, B31.3 and API 620. Certified welding is performed in accordance with ASME Section IX.

Company Equipment
Bellows forming capacity from 1" to 36" (round) with company designed equipment. Bellows available in either        single thickness or laminated construction.
Plate and sheet rolling to 3/4" thick and 8' wide
Plate and sheet shearing capacity up to 1" thick.
Bar and angle rolling to 4"x4"x1/2" angle.
Steel plate burning with two multi-torch, CNC controlled thermal machine centers, 10'x40' plate up to 12" thick.
Plasma arc plate burning of ferrous & non-ferrous metals to 2 1/2" thick with capability of underwater burning            for distortion control.
CNC and radial drilling capacity to 3" diameter holes.
Turning capacity to 114" including tracer ability. CNC turning up to 20" diameter.
GTAW welding capacity from 1 amp to 500 amps with pulsed arc and cold wire feed capacity.
GMAW and FCMAW to 650 amp capacity with pulsed arc.
Lifting capacity to 10 tons with dual bridge cranes. 14"under hook.
Tool shop for in-house manufacturing of tools, fixtures, and special in-plant machinery.
Wire braid fabrication to 32" diameter.
More than 98% of added value work done in-plant.

Series 1500
Laminated Bellows
Expansion Joints

Series 2500 
Low Pressure
Round & Rectangular
Expansion Joints

Series 3500
Externally Pressurized
Expansion Joints

Series 4500
Braided Pump Connectors

Series 4500
V-Flex Connectors

Series 5500
Bellows Pump Connectors

Series 6500
Packed Expansion

Series 7500
Formed Metal Bellows

Series 8500

Series 9500
Alignment Guides
Anamet/Anaconda Expansion Joints

Anaconda Vibration

Flexible Metal Inc.
Hyspan Barco
Ball Joints

Hyspan Barco Flexible
Strut Joints and

Hyspan Barco Venturi Flow Measurement

Anamet/Anaconda Expansion Joints

Metal Hose

Anaconda Vibration

Flexible Metal Inc.

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Hyspan is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacturer of expansion joints. Configurations include single or dual bellows, tied universals, hinges, and gimbals. Rectangular expansion joints are available for low pressure of full vacuum service. Hyspan also manufactures metal bellows pump connectors, flexible metal hose connectors, packed slip style expansion joints, compensators and pipe guides. With a highly trained staff of engineers that design, develop, and test metal bellows expansion joints, packed slip joints, and ball joints, the end result provides assurance of operations in the most severe operating and environmental conditions. 

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