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Bleed Rings (Drip Rings, Test Inserts, Flush Rings)

Bleed Rings
A bleed ring is also know as a drip ring, bleeder ring, drip ring, or a test insert.  A bleed ring is in a shape of a ring designed to fit between pipe with standard flanges. using most material. The bleed ring (Drip Ring, Test Insert) can come in any material or size, and is designed for connecting valves and instruments. The face of the bleed ring (Drip Ring, Test Insert) can be manufactured to match with any flange type. The standard sizes for a bleed ring are 1" to 24" and, ANSI ratings from 150# through 1500#. Standard material is carbon steel.  Dannenbaum LLC can supply any size or material for the bleed rings (Drip Rings, Test Insert).  Bleed Rings can provide a beneficial way of draining piping, taking samples, attaching instruments or even bleeding of a valve.  They can also be used with a valve and/or blind flange, this allows you to reduce and dispose of the pressure for your valve before you remove the flange.  This is usually done with a replacement for a leaky valve.

Bleed Ring Dimension Chart
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