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Bergen Engineered Hangers

Dannenbaum LLC can help you with your piping support system needs. Bergen Pipe Supports Systems has a global solution for pipe supports and designs. As one the largest and most complete manufacturer of pipe hangers, connectors and piping support systems in the world, Bergen supplies the highest-quality piping products, and has over 100 years of experience. Bergen’s global services network include Carpenter & Paterson. Inc and Process Pipe Support System Inc. Bergen’s pipe support group has manufacturing plants in the UK, USA China, India, and Thailand.BERGEN INTERNATIONAL PIPE SUPPORTS

Constant Spring Hangers
Bergen Power Constant Hangers are used to support vertical travel due to Constant Hangers transfer the load over the travel area, while maintaining a constant stress level without much deviation.  High temperature steam lines in power stations and flow lines on oil production platforms are examples of situations where large relative movement between piping and the supporting structure make the use of Constant Effort Supports essential.  Dannenbaum LLC located near Houston, Texas can help you with the selection of Bergen pipe hangers and supports.  
Variable Spring Hangers
The coil spring is housed in a “spring can”. They compensate for load changes due to compression. The coil ads to resistance while allowing movement.  Variable Supports are used to support the weight of pipe work or equipment relative to the supporting structure. Where pipes transport hot (or cold) liquid or gasses they expand (or contract) due to the difference between operating and ambient temperatures. It is necessary to support the pipe in operating and ambient conditions, while permitting movement between the two.

Pipe Clamps
Bergen Pipe clamps are a simple support used to connect an item around pipe. A pipe clamp can be a bolted pipe attachment which clamps around pipe to help support a pipe hanger assembly.
Bergen Snubbers are hydraulic devices to help absorb shock loads. Bergen-Power snubbers allow normal pipe movement under standard conditions. The Snubbers will lock up similar to a “Seat Belt” once activated due to seismic load changes. The hydraulic reservoir will allow the snubbers to continue to operate in a normal mode after upset.
Slide Plates
Dannenbaum LLC can assist you with slide plates. Slide plates aid in sliding motions. They can be made of Teflon, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, or virtually any material. Slide plates can be known as bearing pads or slide bearing plates. Dannenbaum LLC is located in Katy, Texas located near Houston, Texas energy corridor.