Dannenbaum LLC can help you with your Anvil International piping support system needs. As the largest and most complete manufacturer of pipe fittings, pipe hangers, connectors and piping support systems in the world, Anvil supplies the highest-quality piping products, and has done so for 150 years. Anvil offers expertise and product solutions for a wide range of applications from Power, Oil and Gas, and the nuclear industry. Anvil formally known as Grinnell has manufacturing facilities in North Kingstown, Rhode Island and Houston, Texas. In addition to 150,000 square feet of Pipe support design and fabrication location in Rhode Island, Anvil has other plants in Henderson, Tennessee, and Columbia, Pennsylvania. 
Anvil Products are made in the U.S.A. 

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USA. Manufactured, Anvil pipe hangers provide the most accurate supporting loads for your pipe throughout the full range of movement, along with the simplest load adjustment of any manufacturer in the industry today. These pipe hangers and hardware are the result of many years of engineering and testing. The hanger and support designs and manufacturing are continuously upgraded to take advantage of the latest technologies. Anvil’s complete line includes hangers and hardware for any suspension problem encountered in pipe installation work.

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Constant Spring Hanger

Constant Spring Hangers
Anvil Constant Spring hangers were originally known as Grinnell Constant Spring Hangers. Even today, specifications are still written using the Grinnell spec. Anvil acquired Grinnell and continues to manufacturer the product as a USA product. Constant Hangers are used to support vertical travel due to thermal expansion. Constant Hangers transfer the load over the travel area, while maintaining a constant stress level without much deviation. Dannenbaum LLC located near Houston, Texas can help you with the selection of Anvil pipe hangers and supports.  
Variable Spring Hangers
Anvil Variable Spring Hangers were originally manufactured over 150 years ago by Grinnell. Anvil International continues to manufacturer Variable Spring hangers at their United States location in North Kingstown, Rhode Island and Houston Texas. The coil spring is housed in a “spring can”. They compensate for load changes due to compression. The coil ads to resistance while allowing movement. 
Clevis Hangers
Anvil Clevis Hangers were derived from Grinnell to aid in vertical support applications. Clevis Hangers are available from the Houston, Texas location of Anvil International. They are manufactured from their 150,000 sq feet warehouse in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.
Pipe Clamp
Pipe Clamps
Pipe clamps were another Grinnell product manufactured in the USA over 150 years ago. They are simple clams used to support and connect around pipe.
Anvil Snubbers are hydraulic devices to help absorb shock loads. Anvil snubbers allow normal pipe movement under standard conditions. The Anvil Snubbers will lock up similar to a “Seat Belt” once activated due to seismic load changes. The hydraulic reservoir will allow the snubbers to continue to operate in a normal mode after upset. 


Slide Plates
Dannenbaum LLC can assist you with slide plates. Slide plates aid in sliding motions. They can be made of Teflon, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, or virtually any material. Slide plates can be known as bearing pads or slide bearing plates. Dannenbaum LLC is located in the Texas Gulf Coast and located near Houston, Texas. 
Slide Plate
Variable Spring Hanger